My voice for Godly marriage

I saw this on social media and it is the exact reason why I started this new blog!

Originally I wanted to wait till my book on marriage was close to being done. Then, I clearly heard “why are you waiting?”

“Is having a book what you need? The perfect logo? A large following? All social media set up (and understood🤔).”

What if that one person needed to hear my heart, yet I was worried about 99 other things.

God never asks us to do what’s on our hearts polished. God will take our passion, and polish it as we go. He only wants willing vessels!

I encourage you today. What is on your heart that you want to cry out for the Lord?!?

☝this scripture is talking about the woman that poured the expensive perfume out for Jesus. What is birthing in you to pour out?

I knew this was right as it was bursting out of me! Daily I see how changing my mindset to Biblical marriage and me submitting to my husband….how my marriage and life has changed 180°.

Our life is simple joy now.

Join me as I pour out my heart, challenges, joys and victory in understanding and living life as a submitting wife.

His Word says in doing it for Him, you will be remembered. I want to be remembered as a loving wife. My hope is for future generations to learn and love this too!

What is bubbling in your spirit for Jesus? What does He want to use your voice for?

In the beginning……

Helping sisters find JOY in their marriage!

Sister, take my hand and walk with me. As this renewed way of loving your husband is brought back to the spotlight.  There are choices in how-to-do marriage!!!  I want to show you an effective option that will bring love and honor back to your marriage. It’s so simple. All you have to do is:


There, I said it!

And I am not ashamed of it.

I was not living this lifestyle for many, many, many years of marriage. My marriage was strong and loving, yet it was not being done in a Biblical way. 

Twice we hit very rocky periods.  When the second storm hit, I was not sure if we were going to survive it.  I sought out the guidance of a dear sister-in-Christ. I told her my woes and she listened.  I said, “if I am wrong, I want to know what I need to do to fix it.” (although, I was certain the problem was him).

With the love of a Titus 2 woman, she explained how to be a submissive wife.

I took mental notes. That night, I was determined to be different. I was committing 100% to being a wife, the way God designed marriage.

Within 48 hours (no exaggeration!) my marriage took a 180 degree turn.

It was subtle. There were no run-into-each-others-arms-in-a-meadow-of-flowers moments. Our love simply resurfaced. Our home was calm. My husband was at peace. 

You would have thought someone sprinkled fairy dust, or waved a magic wand over our marriage.  

No, there was no abracadabra. 

Instead, it was going back to the Bible and looking at how husband and wife are meant to submit to one another.  And being a submissive wife works. 

And it lasts!

This post is the extremely short version of minutes, days, and months of my mind being transformed.  Please, don’t be freaked out by the word submit. I’ll explain more later 🙂 

Let’s do this together!  I’ll share with you my bumps, victories, tips, and love for bring JOY back into your marriage and how to do it simply.

Thanks for joining me!

Do you feel like your marriage could use some tweaking?  Are you ready to take my hand and walk with me?

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton